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Second career - mid-life crisis or solution?

My studio at Cambridge School of Art

It's nearly a year since embarking on my second career. The decision to leave my career managing a medical publishing and marketing agency to start a Fine Art degree in my fifth decade of life was based on three main factors:

1. I was inspired to paint more than ever before while on a trip to Spain

2. Our eldest was off to secondary school and it wouldn't be long before he could be joining me at university

3. I'd always wondered what would have been if I'd pursued art rather than science as an academic path.

(there were, of course, others....).

It is a mid-life crisis of sorts, but I like to think of it as more like of a mid-life solution. We're all living longer and I strongly believe that 'one life - one career' is an outdated model for our society. So join me on this journey to discover what it's like to throw caution to the wind and start over.

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