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Re-imagining the 'Nature of things'

I've been exploring different settings for my ceramic sculptures, indoors and outdoors and responding to the specifics of the site. Inspired by Ceramics in the environment: An international review, by Janet Mansfield (2005), I could imagine the 'Nature of things' tumbling down a Swiss mountain by a crystal clear lake....

So far it's been exhibited on a mezzanine floor/walkway of a University building for the Sustainability Art Prize...

The nature of things at Sustainability Art Prize 2018, Anglia Ruskin University

in a forest for TreeFEST...

The nature of things at TreeFEST 2018

...and yesterday it made its way halfway across the country to a lovely garden in Yorkshire for the Saltaire Festival.

The nature of things, Saltaire Festival 2018

I'll keep you posted on it's next adventures...and if you have any ideas for where we could explore next please let me know.

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