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It's actually a lot more like marketing than I thought

8 insights

My first year of a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Cambridge School of Art has been a journey and I thought I'd share with you eight points of reflection:

1. Ecology - walking the familiar corridors of the University library re-ignited a love of ecological systems, forces and flows.

2. Sculpture - whether working in 2D or 3D it's all sculpture to me.

3. Beautiful soul syndrome - or BS for short and I suffer from it. BS wants to induce in us the correct aesthetic appreciation of the world (check out Prof. Timothy Morton if you want to know more).

4. Alex Dordoy's exhibition at Blain Southern - The moss is dreaming, rocked my world (but it may have been all the philosophy books I was reading at the time).

5. Beyond phenomenology - this century's philosophical thinking is moving away from the anthropocentric view of the last and if we can just get our head's round it....then it may have some answers to our current predicament as a species.

6. Dèrive - or to drift, my drift is more of an adrenaline fuelled sprint.

7. Chaos or order - which brings productivity and which creativity to our work?

8. Art or craft - which comes first the idea or material/process? It's actually a lot more like marketing than I thought, being 'relevant' as an artist is just the equivalent of a marketer grasping media neutral planning or channel agnostic's all about the idea first!

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